careerbuddyonline Go live on Jul 2-2018

We are almost ready to go live on Jul-02-2018. Our book on career development ‘Mantras for Career Success’ Get Set Go! will also be released during next month. In the meantime, We request you to visit the portal and create your account and offer any suggestions directly to us at Please download and read through … Read more

Seller Partner On-boarding Process

Seller Partner On-boarding Process: Review seller terms and conditions available on the portal. The same is also available during the signup process.  =>Seller / Vendors terms for onboarding Prepare a banner for your store. Refer to =>Vendor guidelines Understand pricing guidelines. Refer to => Vendor guidelines Prepare the list of products and services for publishing. You … Read more

Differentiated Services for Employers

How careerbuddyonline would be offering differentiated services in Human capital Building? With our innovative ProSki™ score services, employers can understand the current standing of the candidates among other job candidates from the industry. ProSki™ would help in determining the exact matching of candidates and fitment of the candidate for the open job positions. ProSki™ score … Read more

What is in careerbuddyonline for Professionals?

How careerbuddyonline is bringing in paradigm shift to the way jobs are found? With our innovative ProSki™ score, employers can understand the current standing of the candidates among other job candidates from the industry. ProSki™ would help in determining the exact skill gaps and fitment of the professionals for the open job positions from employers. … Read more

ProSki™ Analytics – Path breaking innovation for professionals

Currently, across industry companies employ manual methods to judge a job candidate’s suitability for a job and may adopt tests/assessments on few subject matters. The entire ecosystem, including job portals, resourcing agencies, is not synchronized to the hiring process and follow the lengthy and challenging process of elimination to shortlist job candidates resulting with stressful … Read more

What goes into the pricing of Careerbuddyonline services?

Many of our subscribers have been enquiring about the pricing approach for various services offered on Careerbuddyonline. We would like to clarify about Careerbuddyonline services pricing for a better understanding of it. This would enable you to decide on availing the services. Main factors governing the pricing are: Consultant fee based on experience necessary for specific … Read more

Holistic view for Career Development

Many people are looking for the whole concept behind this new initiative at For the benefit of everyone, we wish to narrate the same here. We, at careerbuddyonline look at career development in a holistic manner. Counselling: You must get counselling to understand what career option is well suited for you and what it … Read more

Welcome to careerbuddyonline

Welcome to careerbuddyonline ! At, we strive to connect the dots for career development. is an online hosting platform for products and services offered by sellers from diverse domains. We offer the career development services with wholistic learning through counselling, mentoring, coaching, training, workshops and volunteering.  careerbuddyonline / counsellors / mentors will facilitate the … Read more