Differentiated Services for Employers

How careerbuddyonline would be offering differentiated services in Human capital Building? With our innovative ProSki™ score services, employers can understand the current standing of the candidates among other job candidates from the industry. ProSki™ would help in determining the exact matching of candidates and fitment of the candidate for the open job positions. ProSki™ score helps in shortlisting candidates for job positions, rank the finalists against a job position, as deciding factor for job levels and remunerations. We reduce the risk in hiring process and enable for taking un-biased decisions based on factual information available for the job candidates. What careerbuddyonline can offer to Employers? Resource augmentation / Recruitment Process Outsourcing Services through careerbuddyonline® platform. Resourcing referral fees shall be discussed and finalized by our liaising team along with formal agreement. Career development services to the employees also offered at prevailing rate card. careerbuddyonline® will also be regularly organizing job fairs, to bringing together the employers and job candidates. Our promise!
  • Reduction of hiring efforts by up to 80%
  • Right Candidate for the right Job
We propose that ProPMO® partner with your esteemed organization to offer the proposed services through careerbuddyonline® platform. We will be glad to demonstrate and discuss our Value Streams in detail, discuss the opportunities for your organization.  

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