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Currently, across industry companies employ manual methods to judge a job candidate’s suitability for a job and may adopt tests/assessments on few subject matters. The entire ecosystem, including job portals, resourcing agencies, is not synchronized to the hiring process and follow the lengthy and challenging process of elimination to shortlist job candidates resulting with stressful situation to the professionals seeking job opportunities. ProPMO®  is bringing in a paradigm shift to the way professional will find jobs and manage their career with our patent(pending) solution. About ProSki™ careerbuddyonline® is offering, a unique concept to benchmark professionals across the industry, and we call it ProSki™. ProSki™ is a living score for every professional and considers inputs from diverse sources of assessments, academic performances, every turn of events contributing to the skill enhancement and continuous education of professionals.
ProSki is an unbiased and objective way of benchmarking professionals for capabilities
ProSki™ would help in determining the exact career development needs for professionals, shortlist for job positions in the industry, rank the finalists against a job position, as deciding factor for commanding premium on remunerations, for promotions in companies and so on How ProSki is bringing in paradigm shift to the way right people are matched to right jobs? With our innovative ProSki™ score, employers can understand the current standing of the candidates among other job candidates from the industry. ProSki™ would help in determining the exact skill gaps and fitment of the professionals for the open job positions from employers. ProSki™ score helps in findig appropriate job positions matching to the skill sets, rank against job positions, serves as deciding factor for job levels and remunerations. We strive to reduce uncertainty with respect to employability,  gaining visibility of right job opportunities and facilitate un biased decisions based on factual information available for the job candidates.  
ProSki Analytics
ProSki Analytics for career development

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