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About Careerbuddy Online

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At careerbuddyonline, we offer Jobs and career managements services holistically. We serve everyone from students to Senior Managements to achieve career goals.

Serve the unserved for career and life!

ProSki is the unique differentiator 

Our Mission

Bring cheers to professionals with flexible career development opportunities and work life balance solutions hand in hand with fool proof flexible resourcing solutions for businesses!!

Our Vision

Be the go to place for jobs and Career management !!!

A Paradigm Shift

We strive to offer flexible, and efficient resourcing solutions for businesses.

ProPMO® is bringing in a paradigm shift to the way hiring will be done in the industry and career management of professionals/Human Capital with a patent (pending) solution.  

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For Professionals to take advantage

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Get ratings for your resume and get ahead of the game in your niche.
Enhance your profile with “Digital Badges” and get more visibility among thousands of professionals
See your career path with the help of mentoring and guidance from Industry veterans.

About ProSki

careerbuddyonline® offers a unique capability-based benchmarking professionals across the industry, and we call it ProSkiTM.
ProSki is a living score for every professional and considers inputs from diverse sources of assessments, academic performances, every turn of events contributing to the skill enhancement and continuous education of professionals.
  • Determining the exact career development needs for professionals
  • Shortlist for job positions in the industry
  • Rank the finalists against a job position, as deciding factor

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